Soldier Dogs for Independence

Superior Team is so thankful for Soldier Dogs for Independence,
who train Service Dogs for local veterans in Southern Indiana.
Their mission is to give back love and freedom to our American Veterans as a thank you for their service and dedication to us
and our country.

Each service dog wears a vest to identify that they are a working dog, not a pet. Soldier Dogs for Independence utilizes Superior Team's custom embroidery services to add these identification markers and logos to the vests.

Thank you for the continued support of donating this high quality service to our mission. There is no doubt when you see a service dog out you know they belong to us with the large emblem Superior [Team] provides. Support those that support our local vets. Again thank you Superior Team for everything you do!
— Soldier Dogs for Independence
Soldier Dogs.jpg

We want to thank all of our veterans for their service for our country, and to our friends at Soldier Dogs for Independence,
who continue to help and assist our VETS by training these awesome canine companions!